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Some of the labs will have example code. This takes the form of a .class file. To run this, down load this to your computer. Then open a command prompt window. In that, cd to the folder that holds the class file. You should be able to run it by typing
java labname
where labname is the name of the class. If this doesn't work, you may not have java in your path. See the IDE notes for some suggestions.

Lab Cover Sheet
Lab 1 --- Lab1.class (right click and save link target) Lab 1 Solution------- Lab 1 alternate solution zip file
Lab 2 Lab 2 Solution
Lab 3 Lab 3 Solution, version 1
Lab 3 Solution, version 2 (uses exceptions)
Lab 4 Lab 4 Solution
Lab 5---Lab5 .class files ( Lab 5 Solution