CIS 435 Lab 5

Points: 30 Due Date: End Of Term

This one is going to use many of the skills you have learned. You will build a small GUI application. It will present a set of buttons with the names of candidates on them. There should be at least 4 buttons. Under each button will be a label that contains the number of times the candidate was selected. Each time the button is pressed, the corresponding label will be updated. The example .class files are here. Here is a screen shot showing what it should look like. Lab5 basic

First Extra credit

For 5 points, add a button that will be labeled "Winner". When clicked, it will find the candidate with the largest number of votes and change the label to say "Winner!" followed by the count. Like this: Lab5 First Extra Credit

Second Extra credit

Instead of hardcoding the number of buttons in teh display, create classes ( maybe some inner classes) to represent the button/label groups and use array so that the main can specify how many candidates there will be. This is vague, ask if you want to do this part. This is worth an additional 10 points.


You should turn in a listing of the program. Staple the cover sheet to that.


Think about how you will do this so you can ask questions.
ASK if you have any questions.