Class News

6/8/2004Extra Credit Lab is up
6/7/2004The final is scheduled for June 14, 2004 in the regular room at the regular time.
5/25/2004 Lab 5 is up. Also, there is an example of file I/O here
5/21/2004As stated in class, labs 1,2,3 will NOT be accepted after Midnight Monday, May 24, 2004
Call me to check that I have your stuff.
5/7/2004Convert to upper code
4/23/2004Midterm is on Monday April 26, 2004
4/21/2004Midterm review list is up
4/14/2004Functions example code is up
4/14/2004Lab 3 is up
4/2/2004Lab 2 is up
3/17/2004Lab 1 is up, sorry for the delay
3/4/2004Class Starts