COMP 217 Lab 1

Points: 10 Due Date: Friday March 26, 2004

This will have to be done using your account on the Linux machine. Future assignments can be done on any UNIX like sytem.

Follow these directions and use the knowledge from the lectures and the notes on UNIX.

  1. Login to the student server
    Enter your DSI number as at the login prompt.
    If this is the first time, you password should be you birthdate in the YYYYMM format.
  2. cd to the /etc directory
  3. Run this command, replacing the letters DSI with your DSI number.
    grep DSI passwd
    One line should come out. It will look something like this:
    d99110215:x:99110215:99110215:kent archie:/space/home/staff/d99110215:/bin/shell
    Write down the number between the colons (:), just before your name.
  4. change to my home directory like this:
    cd ~d99110215
    Note the tilde (~) before the d.
    Find you way to the public_html directory and from there to the comp217 directory.
  5. Go into the web directory.
  6. Use the ls command with an option that marks the directories by putting a '/' after them.
    Write down the command you used.
  7. Count the number of files (not directories) you find in this directory.
    Write down this number.
  8. Type cd to get back to your home directory
  9. Execute these commands. Where they say lname, use the first letter of your first name and your whole last name.
    For me, kent archie, this would be karchie In place of name, put your first and last name.
    In place of first, put the number you wrote down in step 3.
    In place of command, put the ls command you wrote down in step 6.
    In place of count, put the file count you wrote down in step 7.
    echo "name" >> lname
    echo "first" >> lname
    echo "command" >> lname
    echo "count" >> lname
  10. copy the file you just made to this directory:
  11. all done, type exit to log out.

The purpose of this assignment is to get you to try out UNIX to start getting used to it.


Copying the file to the last directory is how this assignment is delivered.


ASK if you have any questions. Or if you get error messages that you don't understand. This whole thing shouldn't take more than about 30 minutes. If you are getting stuck, call or email me.