ToyBox Wars

New Project Posted August 27, 2005

Some time ago, I began watching a show on The Learning Channel called Junkyard Wars. It is a British show (called ScrapHeap Challenge) that involves two teams that are told to build a machine in 10 hours from anything they can find in a junk yard. They are given all the power tools and duct tape they can use. The projects they have been given include cannons, drag racers, boats and catapults.

I was hooked immediately and this looked like terrific fun. They were soliciting people to be on the show, but I faced several serious drawbacks. I have no mechanical ability or knowledge, I would be unsure of which end of a welder to use and know nothing about cars. Still, I wanted to participate somehow.

Then I remembered that we had a bunch of building toys around the house. Mostly Legos and Duplos. This gave me my inspiration. I went out and bought a couple of sets of K'Nex and more Legos. I already had a small Erector set.

If I couldn't build things from big chunks of steel, I could do it with small bits of plastic.

So I present this site to show what I have done and more importantly, to encourage others to try this as well. World peace will not result from this hobby, but you might find a few hours of fun with some challenge.

If you decide to take up the challenge, drop me a line. Or if you have suggestions for other models to build.