COMP 313 Lab 6

Points: 30 Due Date: Friday June 3, 2005

This involves practice with JavaScript and forms. In this lab, you will be modifying an existing web page. In fact, this one. Save this file to your computer, change it and submit the changed file as your solution. You do not need to make a new page that looks just like this, you will be changing this page. There is a form on this page and some JavaScript that validates the form before sending it. You will have to add to the form and the validation code. Here is the form:

Enter your first name
Enter your last name
Enter an email address

You will add or change the following validations. the email address must have only one '@' it in and only 1 or 2 periods.

You will add two password boxes. The user must enter the password twice. You will add validation code to verify that the password is filled in, that the value in each password box is the same and that there is at least 1 digit in the password. The password must be also at least 6 characters long.

Hint: look at the strings notes and examples.


Best thing is to put the file in the drop box or email it to me at


ASK if you have any questions.