COMP 313 Assignment 3

Points: 30 Due Date: Thursday April 21, 2005

There are several CSS properties I want you to practice with.

This link was in a LI tag above, but IE doesn't work correctly for the solution to the second part. So the link in the LI above should not be underlined, but the link in this paragraph should be. ALso, the font in the image below doesn't look very big. I had to shrink the fonts so the image would fit on this page better.

All the CSS code should be written in a <style> section as classes or tag selectors. You shouldn't need to use any HTML attributes to accomplish this. You can use this file as the base file and add the CSS classes to it or you can create your own HTML file.

Here is a sample of what it might look like.

asg 3 sample


Preferably you will put it in the eCollege dropbox for this assignment. You can also email me the html file or a link to the file.


ASK if you have any questions.