COMP 313 Assignment 2

Points: 30 Due Date: Thursday April 6, 2005

You will use a table to accomplish the layout of the page. The first row will contain at least one picture and one link to another web site. The pictures can be anything you like and so can the link, within the bounds of good taste. For images, remember the alt, height and width attributes.

The second row will have two cells. One will contain a form. The form must have at least two text fields and a select field. The contents and purpose of the form are up to you. The action value for the form is:

This will print the list of form field names and the values you typed so you can test your form.

The last cell will have the table you made from Lab 1.

Here is a screen shot of my version of this. Yours should look something like this, but it doesn't have to be indentical. If you are not sure, ask. asg2 screen shot You don't have to duplicate the colors, I used them to highlight that there was a table in a table. The purpose of this lab is to practice with tables, images, links and forms. I will take points off for files that look like they were generated using a web page building tool. I think you will get more out of the process by doing it by hand.


You need to either email me the html file or a link to the file. I don't need floppies or printouts. There is a drop box setup on the eCollege site and you can put your solutions there.


ASK if you have any questions.