COMP 313 Assignment 1

Points: 25 Due Date: Thursday March 24, 2005

You are going to create a web site for your high school class. It needs to include the html, title, head and body tags. You should also have the page name in the body using the header (<h?>) tags. You will have a table with three columns and one row in it. The first cell will have a paragraph of some text, I don't care what it says. The second column will have a list either ordered (<ol>) or unordered (<ul>). the list will have at list three things in it. The third column will have the other kind of list you didn't use in the second column.

Here is a screen shot of my version of this. Yours should look something like this, but it doesn't have to be indentical. If you are not sure, ask. asg1 screen shot The main goal is to make you check out the tools you will be using all term and to make sure we can exchange homework. I will take points off for files that look like they were generated using a web page building tool. I think you will get more out of the process by doing it by hand.


Preferably you will put it in the eCollege dropbox for this assignment. You can also email me the html file or a link to the file.


ASK if you have any questions.