CIS 380 Lab 2

Points: 30 Due Date: Friday November 23, 2002

This is the first part of the gradebook program. We will first gather some information about the form and create a record to hold it.

Create the form to gather information about a class. This will be the class title (text box), the name to be used for the gradebook (text box) and a combo box that contains the name of at least three area schools. There will be a button to be pressed when the work is done. When this button is pressed, the gradebook name field should be checked to make sure that it is not empty and that there are no spaces in the text. The class name field is just checked to make sure it is not empty. If there are errors, pop up a message box and reset the focus to the field with the error.

Then write the values from all the fields into a text area box in the lower left of the screen. You should lastly store the values in a record structure that you have defined and declared to be global. Recall that a record is a user defined type like:

	type varname
		var1 as string
		var2 as integer
	end type
Remember to describe what is happening in comments and use descriptive variable names

Here is a picture of what the form should look like. Yours does not have to be exactly like this but it should be similar. lab 2 picture


  1. Print, fill out and attach the cover sheet.
  2. Source Printout. There are two parts to this section of a project. The first is a printout of the form or forms that make up your program. The second is the printout of your code. Both can be generated by selecting File from the VB menu bar. Then select Print. This displays a window, from which you should select to print all three kinds of information, the form image, the code and the 'form as text'.
    The caption on every form must contain your name. The source code must have your name in the comments as well as the lab name or number.


ASK if you have any questions.