CIS 380 extra 1

Points: 10 Due Date: Wednesday February 23, 2003

This is an extra credit assignment.

The form will have two list boxes and a button. The first list box is loaded when the form starts with a list of words from a file. When the button is pressed, the selected item from the first list box is removed and added to the second one.

This works in the other direction as well. In addition, when an item is double clicked, the same action occurrs.

The executable may help clarify the requirements. Download the Zip file that contains the executable.

Yours does not have to look just like that. The position of the controls, their names or the labels on them is not the primary thing. ASK if you aren't sure what I mean or if you want to know if you are going in the right direction.


  1. Print, fill out and attach the cover sheet.
  2. Source Printout. All the needed output can be generated by selecting File from the VB menu bar. Then select Print. This displays a window, from which you should select to print the form image and the code.
    The source code must have your name in the comments as well as the lab name or number.
  3. Data Files
  4. Attach a printout of the original data file and the resulting one.


ASK if you have any questions.