Class News

10/27/2003The solutions are posted.
The Zip file of the entire web site is here. Please report any broken links. Thanks.
10/15/2003Trees powerpoint and final review notes are under Notes
10/13/2003Final is scheduled for October 20 in Room 134.
10/14/2003Lab 6 is CHANGED to extra credit for 10 points.
10/8/2003Lab 6 is available
10/7/2003Alternate phone number. If the main number (630-393-1788) is busy, you may call 630-309-1788. Don't call between 6:00 and 10:00 PM Mon-Thurs. as I am in class.
9/29/2003fixed Stacks and Queue notes
9/22/2003 Updated Lab 5 is available
9/15/2003Stuff from lecture today is up. add after powerpoint is in Notes and the pointer problem and STL examples are in Examples
9/8/2003double linked list example is up
9/8/2003Lecture is moved to room 134 on dates 9/8, 9/10, 9/15 and 9/17. Lab is moved to 164 on those dates. Back to 240 after that.
9/8/2003Remove Powerpoint is available
9/3/2003Lab 4 is available
8/28/2003My apologies to everybody about cancelling class. Midterm rescheduled to Wednesday September 3. Remember, no class Labor Day. Call if you have questions.
8/25/2003Mid term review topics list
8/13/2003Notes on creating MSVC++ Applications
8/13/2003simple linked list example is up
8/11/2003Lab 3 is available
8/4/2003strlen example code is up
7/28/2003Lab 2 is available
7/16/2003Lab 1 is available
7/14/2003Class Starts