Class News

6/26/2003The entire web site is available as a 1.2M zip file
6/26/2003The lab solutions are available under assignments
6/16/2003Last date for turning stuff in is Midnight Wednesday. I have to have grades in at noon Thursday.
6/16/2003Compiling the Lab 6 base code (maptest) will generate many (~90) warnings like 'warning C4786'. These are harmless. ALso, you may need to do a 'Rebuild All' under the Build menu first.
6/16/2003There is an extra credit program if you missed it
6/9/2003Lab 6 is up
6/8/2003The annotated bignum example is fixed
6/7/2003Change in Lab 5, extra credit
6/7/2003Second part of holding-Map example posted
6/4/2003First part of holding-Map example posted
5/22/2003Lab 4 example code updated and EXTRA CREDIT added.
5/18/2003Annotated bignum posted
4/23/2003Midterm Review Notes
4/11/2003Updated the Lab1 Solution
3/11/2003Class Starts