Class News

10/28/2003The Lab solutions are up. The zip file of the whole site is also up. Please report any broken links. Thanks.
10/16/2003The final is October 21. It is in the usual room at the usual time. Review notes are here.
10/15/2003The extra credit lab is up
10/14/2003Lab 7 is cancelled. It will be replaced with a 10 point extra credit opportunity.
10/14/2003string class example from class is up
10/7/2003Alternate phone number. If the main number (630-393-1788) is busy, you may call 630-309-1788. Don't call between 6:00 and 10:00 PM Mon-Thurs. as I am in class.
10/7/2003Library example with inventory is up
9/23/2003Finished Pizza example
9/2/2003Lab 5 is updated to include instructions on how to do exponents
9/2/2003Lab 5 is up
8/26/2003Midterm review notes are up
8/21/2003New Lab 4 due date
8/21/2003 Updated structure example Enum and switch example
8/14/2003Lab 4 is up
8/5/2003Collection of function examples(updated)
7/31/2003Lab 3 is up
7/29/2003In class 2D array example is up
7/23/2003Lab 2 is up
7/15/2003Class Starts
7/15/2003Lab 1 is up