CS 255 Assignment 3

Value: 20 points
Due Date: 6/9/1999
This one is a list of questions to answer. Kind of like the second assignment except that the
questions are different.
  1. Given a list that loks like this:
         A  -->   B  --> D --> E --> NULL
    Draw the links that would insert C into the list after B.

  2. Given the tree below, what do you get when you do an inorder traversal on it?
  3. E
    E R
  4. In a 4 level binary tree, what is the maximum number of leaf nodes there can be?

  6. Change the function below to return the  the node AFTER the one we find.
        function find (L,name)
             while(p != NULL) {
                 if(p->value == name) break
                 p = p->next
           } // endwhile
        end function
Grading: There are 20 points and 4 questions. That's approximately 5 points per question. Only 4 points if you use very large values of 4.