CS 225 Assignment 3

CS 225 Fall 1999 Assignment 3 Points: 25  Due Date: October 5, 1999
A little change of pace. Think of this as a take home quiz.
  1. (6) Mark the right column for each of these values

  2. Value True False
  3. (4) What is the difference between the operator '=' and '=='?

  4. (4) Can the body of a while loop be empty; Can the body of an if be empty?

  5. (6) Write a function  that takes two integer arguments, adds them together and returns the result. 
          You have to get all the syntax write to get this one.

  6. (5) Consider this:
          char my_chars[10];
    How many characters can this array hold? 
    How long a string could it hold? 
    What is the number of the first element? 
    What is the number of the last element?