A couple of simple Newton stands

When we are on vacation I take notes on what we do in a small paper notebook. In the evenings, I get out the Newt with keyboard and write up a description of the day while it is still fresh. When I get home, these notes are combined with pictures to make a kind of scrapbook.

Calendar Back Stand

To make this easier, I take a stand along for the Newton. At the suggestion of somebody on one of the Newton Newsgroups long ago, I kept a couple of the plastic backs from those page a day calendars. These have the advantage of folding pretty flat and being cheap. Here are a couple of shots of one of those with and without the Newt. The whole rig is sitting on a lap table. Newton on Calendar back stand Calendar back stand These are just a hard plastic surface with some padding underneath. I think I got this at an office supply company. They are pretty common and not very expensive. I don't usually take this on trips but use it at home.

Dish Stand

I use this one more often as it is a little sturdier. It also works with the Newt vertical. It is just a stand designed to hold a plate or small picture. I got it at a housewares store, or the home section of a big retailer. It is a little more stable than the calendar back, but doesn't fold.

Newton on dish stand Newton on dish stand

K'Nex Stand

Lastly, since I have a lot of K'Nex pieces around from various construction projects (see Toybox Challenge for details) I thought I would build a simple stand from them. This one has the advantage of being very compact when disassembled and pretty sturdy. That thing hanging on the top isn't a camera. It's a little book light. I'm not sure how much it helps, I attached it after building the stand and haven't tried it in the dark yet.

Newton on K'Nex stand K'Nex stand K'Nex stand

There you are, some cheap simple stands for the Newt. Not as cool as the specially made stands that have been posted lately but functional. Comments to newton@archie-perkins.com